by Chris

Anxiety overwhelmed me in high school. It still does at times. The only respite during those endless days came to me out of an obsession with Buddhism. One day I sat at the bench in chemistry class and went into a mindful state, and for a moment everything became bearable.


If life was Twitter, then mindfulness is looking away from your Twitter stream and noticing the stuffed animal below your monitor. A plush animal. He looks forward and his fur is light and dark brown.

Below you stands your desk. On the desk lies a keyboard and mouse.

When you lift your head your neck stays relaxed. The computer monitor glows.

Nothing exists except your neck, the desk, the keyboard, the glowing monitor, the mouse, and the stuffed animal.


A wise dude, the Buddha, said to be mindful. I’m no Buddhist but I plan on being mindful every day. When you are mindful, life simultaneously slows down and begins – a refuge in your mind.